ACROW Integrated Construction Services (AICS)

Working under the umbrella of ACROW Misr, AICS leads the field in the design, renting and installation of formwork and scaffolding systems. Specialist in slip form, heavy lifting and engineering solutions for the construction, including the strengthening, cleaning and rehabilitation of bridges, tunnels and other civil projects, the company added to its range of high-quality systems of formwork for slabs, walls and columns and scaffolding the formation of a new arm for Engineering Solutions. This enabled AICS to undertake advanced work with specialized solutions on civil projects, meeting the complex and sometimes challenging requirements of today’s new era of construction

ACROW Building Products (ABP)

Meeting new requirements in the construction industry, ACROW Misr established a new subsidiary under ACROW Building Products (ABP) in 2017. ACROW Building Products (ABP) became the first polymer composite manufacturer in Egypt and the Middle East, specializing in manufacturing polymer composite boards with an annual production capacity of 300,000m2. APB now produces a variety of high-quality products with superior characteristics that look set to elevate the benchmark in several industries in the region. Strongly focused on respecting the environment without sacrificing effectiveness and efficiency, ABP is committed to pursuing innovation and development in construction, looking to a future without dependence on imported materials.