ACROW Frame System

System Description :

Acrow Frame system is one of the most commonly used systems through almost all current construction projects. It’s a shoring system for slabs, a facade for external plaster, paintings, and grandstands. 

System Application :

  • Slabs
  • Facade Scaffolding

Features :


Cost Effective

  • Simple and fast assembly
  • Suitable for various applications

Advantages :

  • Specially designed for easy and fast assembly.
  • Needs minimum supervision and skilled operatives.
  • Fully comprehensive and includes safety guard rails.
  • Castor’s wheel and outriggers are available for mobile tower applications.
  • Ideal for thin and high slabs.
  • Available in different sizes (2x1m2, 1.50x1m2,1x1m2, and 0.5x1m2) to suit slabs of different heights for buildings and tanks.
  • A rigid structure with minimum simple components.

System Main Components :

  • ACROW frames
  • Scaffolding tubes
  • Jacks & wheels
  • Cross Braces & ledgers
  • Scaffolding Accessories
  • (Steel planks, LVL, Ladders, Transoms, Toe boards)

System Capacity :


Technical Data :