Business and Environment Sustainability

Business Sustainability

  • Sustainable Growth
    We believe that companies which don’t consider sustainability as a core growth strategy will soon be left behind by those that do. Keeping this in mind, we continuously develop sustainable practices and eco-friendly investment opportunities in our business plans.

  • Smart Solutions
    We believe that smart solution is our greatest value. We strive to build an environment that inspires creative and innovative thinking by motivating our technical teams to go the extra mile, boost creativity and accept the challenges of the most complex construction projects.

  • Invest In People
    Invest in people and then they will invest in you. We believe that success is attributed to our people. We always strive to create a culture of engagement by trusting our people & empowering them to take on responsibilities as well as coaching, training and rewarding excellence.

Environment Sustainability

  • Sustainable Products
    In 2018, ACROW launched a new production line for PVC boards through a new subsidiary [ABP], we believe that the real idea of sustainable product is not necessarily found in its natural origin but in the entire lifetime efficiency associated with that product. Our goal is to integrate PVC construction boards with our products, it is proven that PVC construction board lasts longer, requires lesser maintenance, costs lesser over its lifetime, and has the most potential for recycling.

  • Renewable Energy
    ACROW installed solar panels at the roofs of its factory in collaboration with Sun infinite energy in order to create clean energy and help in environment sustainability.