Tech-Form Panels System

System Description :

The Tech-form Panel System has a high-quality steel profile that is specifically designed to suit a variety of concrete walls and two-column applications. It’s thus adaptable to any structure. The panels are manufactured and designed to be more durable and economical with high capacity and flexibility, ensuring higher cost efficiency and faster workflow.

The smart panel size grid ensures optimum adaptability for different construction site situations. The superb powder coating finishing provides the system with exceptional protection, resulting in a longer life span.

System Application :

  • Walls
  • Double-sided walls
  • Shear walls
  • Core walls
  • One-sided walls
  • Lara cross-section piers
  • Column

Features :


Pre Assembly


Cost Effective


Multi Purpose






Heavy Duty


Highly compatible


Time saver

  • Long lifespan.
  • Variable applications.
  • High-quality coatings.

Advantages :

  • Highly engineered steel profile adaptable to any structure.
  • Designed connection that works for all applications and adjustments up to 10cm.
  • Used in case of crane-assisted gang forming of large areas.
  • The ingenious system grid size gives optimum adaptability for different construction site situations.
  • Superb powder coating finishing quality which provides the system with maximum protection, easy
    cleaning and longer life span.
  • Only one clamp for all applications - even in adjustments < 10 cm.

System Main Components :

  • Safety access brackets
  • Conti-Lock
  • Tech-Form panel c/w Acrow boards
  • Adjustable push-pull
  • Tie rod, nut & washer

System Capacity :

The allowable bearing capacity is calculated for a fresh concrete pressure of 80 KN/m².

Technical Data :