Shore Brace Table Form System

System Description :

The Shore Brace Table Form System can be used either with Acrow soldier or with double H20 timber beams. Due to its high load capacity, it’s one of the most economical and heavy-duty table Systems.

It is limited in consumable items because it has few accessories and can easily obtain variable hights.
The system is considered one of the best construction systems for its flexibility with prop extension.

System Application :

  • High-rise building slabs (specially podiums)
  • Underpasses & Tunnels
  • Heavy slabs
  • Large scale horizontal projects with significant heights (>5.5m)

Features :


Pre Assembly


Heavy Duty


Highly Worked


Time saver

  • Movable
  • Early Striking

Advantages :

  • Heavy-duty and variable heights.
  • Limited loss of items due to few accessories.
  • Easy in erection and dismantling. Thus, no need for skilled labor.
  • Standard components that can be used in different projects and systems.
  • Easy erection and dismantling results in saving time and labor cost.

System Main Components :

  • Decking System
  • Table stirrup head & connections
  • Shore Brace frames
  • Cross braces
  • Transportation jack unit (Striking)
  • C-Fork (Lifting)

System Capacity :

Working load per vertical leg 54.00 KN

Technical Data :