Work Force

Our People

At the heart of our success lies our team of over 1200 dedicated employees, contributing both talent and commitment. Working in unison, they have a significant impact on the formwork industry, our customers, and the communities where we live and work. By embracing an ethos of transparency, values and a quest for excellence in all that we do, we work as a diverse yet unified team towards building a better society.

Our Programs and Courses
Investing in each individual employee, ACROW offers opportunities to learn and grow awhile building satisfying and sustainable careers within an environment based on ethics and compliance with the company vision, mission and core values. ACROW provides learning and development programs involving more than 30 courses through external consultants, including engineering, corporate strategy, risk assessment, ethics, project management, leadership, safety, quality, finance, and cultural awareness.
Placing a high value on human capital, ACROW continuously mentors, encourages and rewards its team in its efforts to achieve and exceed targets. By selecting the right person for each position, each employee is given the opportunity to apply and demonstrate his or her strengths while growing within a focused structure that supports the team and the organization. Enforcing bonds beyond the work role, ACROW also enthusiastically builds a sense of family and community through Ramadan celebrations, workshops and team building activities.

Diversity and Inclusion
Strength in an organization is built through recognizing the unique skills and perceptions that each person can bring to the table through their diversity. Operating in a global environment calls for a broad worldview, with sensitivity to the nuances of each geographical market. Through its belief in building a team of diverse nationalities within an inclusive framework, ACROW reinforces its core values while positioning itself for further growth and penetration into fresh markets.