Client: AL MANA

Contractor: AL BANDARY ENG

Project Scope:

Al Mana Tower project fuses the Middle East’s rich heritage with today’s technology, quality and modernity. The stunning 56-stories tower including six basements car parking and a ground floor, Al Mana Tower will consists of 168 - one, two and three bedroom apartment, where the commercial offices comprises of 117 units. This high-rise luxury project is spread across 117,508 square meters

Acrow Challange:

Is Design and supply Panel System for irregular shape of columns, Acrow Qatar Design team designed a speical customized curved Steel panels, to be attached to acrow eco form standard panels, to have the exact ellipse shape of the columns. Adding to that acrow supplied 11,500 square meters of slab falsework using acrow shorebrace frame system.

Category : Buildings

Country : Qatar

System Used :
Acrow ECO Form Panel System & Acrow Big Steel Panels For Columns
Acrow Shorebrace & Timber H20 system For Slab Falsework

Year : 2016 to 2016

Project Images