Project Description:

This Project is a mega project in the all ksa. Its budget is more than 50 billion Saudi riyals.Its area is around 2KM2.Located at the entrance of almadinah. The project owner is MOF (ministry of finance) and the consultant is dar el handasah.It consists of 18PKGS. There are 6 KM electrical tunnels, two cooling chillers with area more than 10,000sqm/chiller, 3KM metro bridge connecting  the   project with El-Haram, metro station and more than 100 buildings between towers, hotels, and administration offices with height  more  than  20  floors There are mosque, hospital and   malls. Water tanks, water treatment plant and pump rooms are also existed in the project. Now Two PKGS only are opened with cost 7.00 billion S.R. constructed by alfouzan.

ACROW Advantages/Achievements:

Acrow got the big deal in this project.we supplied more than 60,000.00sqm of slab scaffolding for the eight towers. More than 1,000.00 m' walls' formwork, more than 20 cores' formwork and more than 250 columns' formwork has been supplied for the towers. More than 400m' walls' formwork has been supplied for the electrical tunnel and more than 300sqm slab's scaffolding. We supplied big steel panel for bridges' piers and 290m' slab scaffolding for the bridge decking. Acrow sold in this project with price more than 50,000,000.00 S.R and Rented material in price more than 1,000,000.00 S.R until now.

Category : Buildings

Country : KSA

System Used :
Shorebrace table form

Year : 2015 to in progress

Project Images