Overview Advantages

- The TECHform panel formwork is a crane-dependent modular formwork system for use in concrete construction with a wide range of applications in the construction of
• residential -,
• Administration-
• Industrial- and engineering -
• infrastructure— projects
- The allowable bearing capacity is calculated for a fresh concrete
pressure of 80 kN / m²
- Its highly engineered steel profile is specifically designed to suit a
variety of concrete walls and columns applications, adapting it to
any structure.
- The designed connection can be used in all application even in adjustment up to 10 cm
- Also the application in columnform are implemented in the system:
- The 5 cm grid in anchoring in columnform enables forming different sizes of columns. It has a cross section up to 105*105 cm.
- Moreover, combining panels with heights 3.30 m, 2,40, 1.2 m, and 0.60 m could enable achieving different heights.
- It is one of the strongest systems to be used in case of large-area,
crane-assisted, and gang forming.